Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outfit Post: So Hipster

So the other day I went to Dutch Bros to grab my usual triple iced black coffee before work. I pull up to the window and the guy told me that he loved my style and all my jewelry. I was taken aback one because I wasn't excepting such a nice compliment and well I hadn't had my coffee yet so I wasn't all there. He proceeds to ask me if people tell me that I am "hipster". I don't think I have ever gotten that before but hey there is a first for everything! Well to finish this random story, he ended up giving my coffee to me for free! It's the little things! So in honor of my story...he is a totally hipster outfit...I think.

jeans Forever 21, tank Free Hand Boutique, Birkenstocks, Michael Kors watch, assorted bracelets Pineapple Bling, Ray Ban sunnies, bag Gypsy Soul Collective, Junk Trunk necklace

Today was such an eventful day and to end it Jeff and I are going to look at a house that we are interested in renting. YAY for house hunting :) Happy Thursday!


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