Tuesday, July 18, 2017

STS TRAVELS// San Francisco

Hello friends! So I want to start a new little series of posts called STS TRAVELS. These posts will be about our travels, places we love, restaurants we are obsessed with, basically anything you would want to know about different places we have visited {I may even do our favorites right here in AZ}. They won't be super frequent, but whenever we go anywhere cool I'll be sure to share with you!

If you follow me on social media, I'm sure you saw that we spent a week in San Diego + ended our trip up north in San Francisco. Every year we look forward to our family vacation in SD, this year for Jeff's birthday we decided to fly to SF, see a Giants game + explore. We haven't had a vacation like that - just us two - since our honeymoon. We had SO much fun. Here are some snapshots of our trip + places we loved.
 Airport essentials {not pictured - headphones lol}
Fisherman's Wharf - we had the funniest ride. Long story short, we had been waiting for one of the cable cars for probably 30 min when a Ritz Carlton limo pulls up. A guy with a strong New York accent offered to take us to fisherman's wharf for $5 each! Us along with another couple jumped it...lets just say it was a wild ride! Luckily the other couple was SO sweet + ended up chatting with them trying to ignore our limo driver yelling into his phone.

Boudine bread bowls - to die for!
Alcatraz - we didn't have time to tour it, but it is definitely on our list for next time.
Ghirardelli Square - we didn't get any chocolate but we did find a beer garden :)  

Buena Vista - MUST TRY! These little glasses are filled with delicious Irish Coffee. Lets just say these bad boys helped me walk up the biggest hill in SF.  

Lombard Street - after walking up the biggest hill in the history of ever....we made it to another hill but this one was zig-zaggy!

My cute hubby riding the cable car!

Cesarios - The yummiest Italian restaurant we found for dinner a few blocks from our hotel {we stayed at Park 55 in Union Square} 

AT&T Park! 

We met the nicest couple at the game that were sitting by us. They gave us a ton of suggestions for sight seeing + restaurants.

Golden Gate Bridge - it was AMAZING!  

***Not pictured - after seeing the Golden Gate Bridge {which we Ubered - such a sweet Uber driver} to Pier 39 + walked around. We really wanted to go to the Italian District because we had heard great things about it so we Ubered - again- for dinner!

Calzones - It was the cutest authentic pizza place in North Beach

After dinner we realized we were about a block away from China Town. Since the sun set so late it was still rather bright out so we didn't actually realize it was already 9pm. Note to self - don't walk through China Town when it is closed... 

Dragon's Gate - Although almost everything was closed, it was still fun to sight see.

Mr. Holms Bakery - ...need I say more. SO YUMMY! 

 Painted Ladies - aka houses from Full House aka not the real house they used but was in the intro...you get the picture. I had to see them though! They were adorable.

We truly had so much fun. I am so lucky to have married my best friend. Where is the next place we should go?!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Outfit Post// Summer Getaway

When its 120 degrees in Phoenix the only thing I want to live in is sundresses + rompers. Luckily this adorable number from Lizard Thicket does the trick. I paired it with one of their super comfy bralettes in a coordinating color + it made for the perfect date night look. I will definitely be bringing this with me on my upcoming vacations. I love that this romper is only $39.99 + bralette is $22.50! Their pieces are so affordable + easy to wear. {plus who likes to wear real bras anyways...not this girl! haha} If you are local check out their shop in Dana Park + if you aren't shop their website {here} links below to my exact look//

romper {shop here}, bralette {shop all bralettes here}, shoes + necklace Lizard Thicket, clutch Nordstrom


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Bubby Collection//

Most of you know that I work at lululemon. I absolutely love my job + am blessed that I can call the people I work with my best friends. Through working for this rad company its only fitting that I have met some AMAZINGLY rad + talented individuals. One of my dearest coworkers + friends Afton started her etsy shop {here} + I just had to share her incredible talents with you all. She has a keen eye for design + is so creative. All of her designs are stunning. This new mom puts so much hardwork + effort into everything she does + her shop is no different. Go check out all her amazing pieces on her shop! I put my pieces from The Bubby Collection on our dresser in our bedroom. They were made for it :) I absolutely love them! "Love God, love people." xo

For any custom requests you can reach Afton here// thebubbycollection@gmail.com


Monday, June 12, 2017

Microblading Update Pt. 2// Q + A

Hi friends! I have recieved so many compliments + questions regarding my microbladed eyebrows from @highbrowamanda I thought it would be fun to do a little "frequently asked question" post - {I am now healing from my touch up appointment}.  Plus some of these questions I asked before getting microbladed as well. Enjoy!

Q//  How long do I need to wait after my microblading session to get my eyebrows waxed/how long before my microblading session do I need to get waxed?
A// 2 weeks before or after. Make sure you give your skin enough time to heal so it doesn't interfere with the microblading.

Q// Does the color come back after my brows peel?
A// Yes, sometimes the color does come back after they peel. Sometimes a thin layer of freshly healed skin has formed over the pigment and it will exfoliate off in a couple of weeks. You will see the color come back then.

Q// How long will my microblading last?
A// The average life span of microblading is 12-18 months depending on your skin type + how well you take care of them during the healing phase + after they have healed.

Q// How do I take care of them post session?
A// No heavy sweating. {this was the hardest part for me} aka no gym! Keep them as dry as possible, keep them out of the sun, do not exfoliate them + no harsh skin products.

Q// Does it hurt?!
A// Numbing cream is applied which will prevent you from feeling a lot of the microblading. {TMI but I happened to be on my period during the first session + I was a little more sensitive.} Everyone is different!

If you guys are debating whether or not to take the plunge on getting your brows done...I HIGHLY recommend it. I love not having to fill in my brows #iwokeuplikethis follow @highbrowamanda on Instagram + check out her amazing work. She is so talented + SO SWEET!

PS** Can I be the first one to call out the water bottles on Jeffs side of them bed...haha! #reallife 

*ring via Raptor Jewelry, necklace Harper Made, Happy Planner


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Outfit Post// Summer Heat

It's that time again here in AZ when the only time you {want} to be outside is if you are poolside with a drink in hand. This is a fun look I did at the Hello Luxe Shoot-Out with a few amazing photographers Jess Legaspi, Portraiture by Chelsea Herrera + Love Audrey Photography. I'm not usually the type to whip out my swimsuit for a photoshoot but they made me feel so pretty + I loved all the colors in their photographs. 

I shared a little bit about my struggle with insecurities, self love + self acceptance the other day on Instagram. It is so hard sometimes to not compare yourself to others + to judge how your body looks. Society is SO hard on women + the expectations. We all have a little extra fluff in some spots, stretch marks + imperfections that we don't necessarily love. But God made you just the way you are + made you in his image. Who are you to judge his handy work. At work we have been working on being in the practice of bettering ourselves + living a purposeful life. My practice I am focusing on BIG time is self acceptance.  I have made a shift in my day to day routines not just with my workout routine but with being mindful of what I eat + continuously being positive + loving myself. What is something you are in the practice in?

 bikini top// bikinigirl_ vintage shorts// hat// Lizard Thicket kimono//old

Makeup// makeupbyhollywood
Venu// The Moxy Tempe