Saturday, June 30, 2012

Outfit Post: Black and Turquoise

I'm about ready to go to church and dinner with the Wilson's {my second family}. His parents and sister are finally back in the good ol' USA after a vacation in Japan. Here is what I am wearing.
jeans & shirt Love Culture, skull bracelet MadeWithLoveByAlyssa, spike bracelet & ring Forever21, necklace Goodwill, Michael Kors watch, bag TJ-Maxx, shoes sheikh, Rayban sunnies, nail polish Wet n' Wild

Hope you like my outfit post! Happy Saturday:)


Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Madewell Friendship Bracelet

A couple days ago I went to Scottsdale Fashion Square with Jeff just to walk around. We went in Madwell, which if you haven't been there, you NEED to go. They have amazing clothes some are a little outragesly expensive in my opinion but still cheaper then J-Crew. You can find delicate jewelry, must have basics, and more! I found a bracelet that I knew I could make. It was only $10 but I like a challenge so I created a DIY for you guys.

1. What you need: I used embroidery thread but you could use thicker cording as well, scissors, a button, and a bead.

2. Cut 4 feet of each color and fold in half

3. String through the button and knot

4. From the inside, take both strands of the color and wrap over to the other hand. Repeat with the opposite hand so it creates a fishtail braid all the way down. This is by far the easiest friendship bracelet I have ever made.

5. Continue down then knot and finish with a bead.

6. Wrap around button

7. Use another color thread and tie a square knot over both pieces for an adjustable closure.

8. All done!
{This is the actual bracelet from Madewell}

I am beyond tired for some reason! I taught tonight and have to teach in the morning as well! So its bedtime for me:)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outfit Post: Black & Gold

I have been waiting to wear this shirt and I finally put it on tonight! I got it awhile back at Saver's for $2.99. I love the colors and the way it matches with my black bow shorts. I had been wearing my work out clothes all day and couldn't wait to get ready. Not to mention I have forgotten to get my normal make-up remover toilettes for a couple days,so I broke out last night:( Putting make-up on, getting ready and going out to Salty's with Jeff, Jake and Ky made me feel better. {I'm pathetic haha}.
blouse Saver's, shorts Buffalo Exchange, Michael Kors purse and watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa skull bracelet and sidecross bracelet, DIY Fringe Necklace, Rayban sunnies, shoes Cali Girl

I hope you guys had a great Thursday night! Don't forget to check out MadeWithLoveByAlyssa so many cute pieces!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Skull Tank Top & Tote

I saw a shirt similar to this at a boutique in Scottsdale a couple weeks ago and almost bought it...until I decided I could make this myself. Since I have been trying to save money I already had all of these materials but they can easily be bought at your local craft store for under $10.

1. What you need: tank top, lace, scissors, need thread/embroidery thread
2. Cut out the shape of the skull
3. Cut holes for eyes
4. Cut nose and mouth/string embroidery thread on needle
5. Sew and thats it!

For the tote I repeated all the same steps for the tank top except I didn't want to cut a mouth for this one. I love the feminine fabric mixed with the shape of the skull. Perfect bag for summer!

Also I want all you guys to check out Sofia's amazing blog lovalafashion! She features a bunch of DIY's, sewing, her Etsy shop, the latest fashions and more! Some of my favorite DIY's from her blog is this and this. Also you can follow her on Instagram at lovalafashion :) Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Tassel Necklace

Today I made an ombre-esque tassel necklace. I had seen a similar one done on Oh the Lovely Things but I didn't want to go out and buy dye because I am trying to save money. So I took things I already had in my room to create this adorable summertime necklace. Here are the directions.

1. What you need: Embroidery thread in similar shades {I did orange to red ombre}, scissors, pliers, chain, two jump rings, clasp, thick card-stock

2. Attach a jump ring to both ends of chain and a clasp to one end

3. Take thick card-stock and wrap thread around 40 times

4. Slide thread off, snip the ends, and wrap a smaller piece of thread around the top 10 times, knot and trim.

5. Repeat with all colors

6. Slide on chain and you're done!

I hope you guys like this DIY and I hopefully will have another super cute DIY tomorrow too! Happy Tuesday everybody:)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Outfit Post: Late Night Date

Today started off with my best friend Gillian coming to my Zumba class this morning. After that we had a yummy Greek lunch and much needed catching up time. Next I ran to the bead store, the dentist and finally sent out all my MadeWithLoveByAlyssa goodies. {Click "shop" or "etsy at the side of the page to purchase your own MadeWithLove pieces.} I also upped the quantity on some items because they were sold out so if you recently checked and something you wanted was gone, check again :) Tonight Jeff and I grabbed a late dinner with Jake and Kylie. Here is what I wore.

black jeans Love Culture, blouse Forever21, handmade necklace, Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa side cross bracelet, shoes Forever21


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outfit Post: Polished Rocker

Today was spent going to breakfast with Jeffrey and hanging out by the pool with Jake and Kylie. It was a much needed relaxing day after having some late night fun with my girls last night. I have also been making tons of jewelry today for some amazing people that have ordered pieces on MadeWithLoveByAlyssa. You guys are awesome!!! Here is what I'm wearing tonight for dinner.

DIY cutoffs, KISS shirt Forever21, blazer Closet, shoes sheikh, spike bracelet Forever21, other jewelry MadeWithLoveByAlyssa, belt Forever21, purse TJ-Maxx

Happy Sunday everyone!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Outfit Post: A Pop Of Vintage

Today I went a little casual with some jean shorts and a flowy blouse, however since the color palette was somewhat plain I added a pop of color with a vintage scarf I tied around my purse and my MadeWithLoveByAlyssa accessories.

jean shorts JCrew Outlet, blouse Forever21, shoes Sheikh, Michael Kors watch, all MadeWithLoveByAlyssa Jewelry, necklace handmade by me {not in my shop}, scarf vintage, bow belt Closet

I finished my business cards last night and am so happy with how they turned out! The front and back are awesome! So proud of myself:)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Trends

Over the years nails have had their trends come and go just like fashion. Some I like and some I don't. I used to have acrylic nails all the time and didn't really realize how much I was damaging my nails. I love the way they look {only when trimmed a little over the fingertip} but lately I have been trying to keep my nails strong and healthy. Good thing the short trimmed nails are in style, because that explains mine perfectly.

{this is closest to what my own nails look like image via Pinterest}

{this one is a no in my book. Way too long for me and just not really my style image via Pinterest}

{I absolutely adore these nails from the almond shape to the colors palette image via Pinterest}

{Mr. Kate always has the best nails and is a pro with her gel kit. The longer almond shape is really growing on me and makes me think of the 50's/retro styles image via}

So what are your opinions on acrylic, gel, long, short, or different shaped nails?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outfit Post: Tribal

The best part about my outfit it that the tribal print {what looks like a blouse} is actually a romper! I feel like the shorts on it are a little short so I paired it with my black bow shorts and it matches perfectly.{The romper is actually completely open in the back as well, which makes the shorts blend even better} Creativity goes a long way when it comes to fashion!

shorts Plato's Closet, romper Forever21, all jewelry MadeWithLoveByAlyssa, Michael Kors watch, shoes Steve Madden, Ray Ban sunnies

I am almost done making my business cards for MadeWithLove and I couldn't be more excited! I also officially got rid of "blogspot" in my domain and so now its just! YAY!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY: Lace Pocket Shorts

I have been wanting to do this DIY for some time now and finally did it tonight. I'm not joking it took less then 30 minutes to do. Its super easy and adds a little touch of personality to some boring Forever 21 shorts. Here is how to do it.

Don't forget to check out all my new pieces on MadeWithLoveByAlyssa! They are all reasonably priced and unique items you don't want to miss out on! The arrowhead necklace featured in some of my recent outfit posts and two different skull bracelets are just a few that you can see on my etsy shop! Check it out:)


New Jewelry

I have been working all night on my etsy shop uploading all my new pieces. I have tons of cute bracelets, necklaces and earrings and a few have already been featured here on my blog. This is a quickie look at some of the new items.

I seriously can't pick my favorite but I made the shipping free with the purchase of 2 items or more so go check it out and get some arm or neck candy today :) Here is the link to my shop MadeWithLoveByAlyssa


Monday, June 18, 2012

Outfit Post: Budget Americana

I have been wanting to do these flag shorts for a DIY sometime now, but last night when I was walking through Walmart I saw these bad boys for $12. Yes I bought these at Walmart and I have no shame you can find the cutest things there and I already have my eye on some 4th of July shirts to buy and fringe:)

shorts Walmart, shirt Forever21, shoes TJ-Maxx, daisy necklace & fringe necklace handmade, Michael Kors watch

I went to Jeff's baseball game today and about died from heat. I swear it was 115 degrees out today. Three more weeks till I will be sitting on the beach in San Diego. COME FASTER.