Friday, August 31, 2012

Oufit Post: Laid Back

Tonight Jeff and I went to Nello's for dinner, which has been becoming a routine as of late. {I'm not complaining!:)} I went for a laid back look for our date. Jeff's words when I got into the car, "You look so cute in your boyfriend jeans." Yeah my boyfriend knows his fashion.
boyfriend jeans Forever21, white tshirt Walmart, Michael Kors watch, Michael Kors bag, handmade necklace, assorted bracelets, shoes Forever21 {old}

I hope you guys are having a great Friday night!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outfit Post: School Spirit

I am proud to finally call myself a Sun Devil after all these years of wanting to go there. I am really enjoying school so far and actually don't mind the commute to downtown Phoenix and Tempe all in one day. Tonight is ASU's first football game of the season and when I was putting my outfit together last night, I figured I would get in the spirit with my PINK brand ASU shirt. I paired it with my black maxi skirt and threw on a hat for a pulled together, yet casual look.
maxi skirt Closet, PINK ASU tee Victoria's Secret, Fedora Q, shoes TJ-Maxx, Michael Kors watch, assorted MadeWithLoveByAlyssa bracelets
Ever since I did my tutorial on how to do the 5 strand braid, I have been obsessed with it. I always get tons of compliments when I wear it! Definitely a fun, quick hairstyle to do that is perfect for work or school.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How To: Creating The Perfect Arm Party

Arm party, arm/wrist candy and arm swag are just a few ways people describe their bracelets, cuffs, watches etc. I love creating arm parties because they are a simple way to personalize any outfit. Here are four different looks I tend to use a lot.
{Gold Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Hamsa bracelet, sidecross, skull cuff, twisted metal cuff, vintage gold chain bracelet, Brandy Melville cuff

{Funky Friendship Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Skull cuff, chunky stone bracelet, sidecross, DIY spike friendship bracelets, handmade rhinestone wrap bracelet

{Silver Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Hamsa bracelet & sidecross, Artichoke bracelet, vintage turquoise and silver cuff, always and forever cuff

Simple Silver Arm Party
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa jade sidecross, Brighton Love Bracelet, Pandora charm bracelet, always and forever cuff

The first thing I do when accessorizing my wrists is to start out with a theme. I like to start with the metal color then go from there {unless I am purposely trying to mix metal colors, I try to always stick with either gold or silver}. Next I pretty much just grab a variety of different sized bracelets {chucky, thin, etc} and try to add a color that compliments what I am wearing {For example, I wear turquoise a lot because it matches with a lot of my clothes}. Lastly, I like layering a chunky bracelet with my watch to pull everything together. Hopefully this inspires you to create your own arm party:) Send me pictures of your arm party and I will post them! I'd love to see how you style yours. Happy hump day everyone!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Outfit Post: Summer Skulls

It was a very hot day today at school, so I opted for my dip dyed, studded purple cut offs paired with a Brandy Melville muscle tee and some comfy Raninbow flip flops. Nothing like an easy breezy summer outfit to keep you a little cooler in this 100+ heat.
DIY dip dyed studded cut off high waisted shorts, tank Brandy Melville, purse Brandy Melville, necklaces: DIY crystal & MadeWithLove arrow, Rainbow flip flops, Michael Kors watch, assorted MadeWithLoveByAlyssa bracelets + an Alpaca bracelet I got in Colorado, Ray Ban sunnies

I just found out that we get to watch The Great Gatsby in my popular culture class. I got a little excited. I hope you are having a great Tuesday!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Must Haves For Fall: Old Navy

I put together a little wish list/fall trend collage for all of you today! All of these fun pieces are from Old Navy so you know what that means, great prices. Most of all, all these pieces can be layered and are so versatile that you can be sure you will get your money's worth.
Well it is back to school for me tomorrow this is my first full week of school since last week I only went on Thursday. At least I get to meet Jeff for lunch this week on my mid-day break. Yay! What are some of your "must have pieces" for fall? Comment below or email me {} I'd love to hear!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Outfit Post: Western

Today was spent going to the gym then eating LoLos. Hey at least I went to the gym right? :) Here is what I am wearing tonight to dinner.
maxi skirt {turned into a dress} Forever21, brown belt Forever21, shoes Forever21, purse Brandy Melville, cuff Forever21, DIY daisy headband, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa ring, Francesca's necklace

Once again I am trying to utilize pieces in my closet in different ways. I am using his maxi skirt as a dress, which I simply belted and threw on a denim vest. Easy breezy summer outfit!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Outfit Post: Polka Dot

This morning was spend attending my best friend Kylie's bridal shower. It was hosted by her hubby's mom and she did a beautiful job. Kylie is almost officially a Nielson! So exciting! I am looking forward to her second bridal shower in September so watch out for some more pictures:) Here are a few from today and what I wore.
peplum skirt TJ-Maxx, shirt Q, sweater Old Navy, shoes Cali Girl, DIY painted necklace, Michael Kors watch, Buffalo Exchange Belt, bag TJ-Maxx, Ray Ban sunnies

I hope you guys are having a great Saturday!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit Post: Nautical

Today I went to lunch with Jeff and his parents, treated myself and got a gel mani, worked, purchased a few school books, and went on a date to Nello's with Jeff. I know what you may be thinking, Jeff is home already? And yes, I haven't really addressed it to anyone besides my friends but after going to Colorado and checking everything out, Jeff decided it wasn't somewhere he felt he wanted to be. He loves AZ {and everyone that lives here} and is ready to see what the future holds for him here. I love him so much and support him 100 percent! I am proud of all his accomplishments {in baseball and in life} and can't wait to see what God has in store for him {and me!}. Anywhooo here is what I wore tonight.
white shorts Forever21, shirt Old Navy, sweater Target, necklace handmade, hat Buffalo Exchange, vintage scarf, Michael Kors watch, assorted MadeWithLoveByAlyssa bracelets, shoes K-Mart, thrifted clutch, Betsey Johnson sunnies

Tomorrow is my best friend Kylie's bridal shower {one of them} and can not wait. I am so excited for her and happy I get to share this special moment with her as a bridesmaid:)