Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How To: Creating The Perfect Arm Party

Arm party, arm/wrist candy and arm swag are just a few ways people describe their bracelets, cuffs, watches etc. I love creating arm parties because they are a simple way to personalize any outfit. Here are four different looks I tend to use a lot.
{Gold Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Hamsa bracelet, sidecross, skull cuff, twisted metal cuff, vintage gold chain bracelet, Brandy Melville cuff

{Funky Friendship Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Skull cuff, chunky stone bracelet, sidecross, DIY spike friendship bracelets, handmade rhinestone wrap bracelet

{Silver Arm Party}
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa: Hamsa bracelet & sidecross, Artichoke bracelet, vintage turquoise and silver cuff, always and forever cuff

Simple Silver Arm Party
Michael Kors watch, MadeWithLoveByAlyssa jade sidecross, Brighton Love Bracelet, Pandora charm bracelet, always and forever cuff

The first thing I do when accessorizing my wrists is to start out with a theme. I like to start with the metal color then go from there {unless I am purposely trying to mix metal colors, I try to always stick with either gold or silver}. Next I pretty much just grab a variety of different sized bracelets {chucky, thin, etc} and try to add a color that compliments what I am wearing {For example, I wear turquoise a lot because it matches with a lot of my clothes}. Lastly, I like layering a chunky bracelet with my watch to pull everything together. Hopefully this inspires you to create your own arm party:) Send me pictures of your arm party and I will post them! I'd love to see how you style yours. Happy hump day everyone!



  1. I love this! It was really informative and helpful. And I must say-- I am absolutely in love with the gold combination you have here. :)


  2. they look lovely! thanks for the ideas!! XOXO