Saturday, June 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Classic Pieces

I am finally back from my three day vaca! Mexico was seriously amazing and we didn't want to leave. I have tons of fun pictures I will post tomorrow but for now I have an outfit post for you guys. After not putting a stitch of make-up on and not washing my hair for almost the whole duration of our trip {beach-buming it} I wanted to get ready right when we got home. I loved not having to worry about looking presentable in Mexico but sometimes its fun to do your hair, put some lipstick on, and get a little dolled up. Here is what I wore tonight {I am thanking Mexico for my sunglasses, purse, and wallet by the way}

jeans & studded DIY chambray blouse Forever21, assorted bracelets, Michael Kors watch, necklace Plato's Closet, scarf Goodwill, shoes Forever21

I feel like every woman needs some basics in her wardrobe that can easily be thrown together for a classic chic outfit. White jeans can be worn with just about everything from a casual t-shirt to a dressier blouse. Another great piece that has become very popular this year, is the chambray shirt. You can find them in different colors and washes and can be worn alone, over a shirt or over a dress. Cheetah print is my go to pattern now a days and in my opinion is a easy way to add a funky touch to your ensemble. Aviators are timeless along with a leather purse that can carry all of your necessary items for the day. Lastly, red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit. Go lighter on the eyes and make the lips pop with hues of red, rust, coral, and cranberry. Have fun putting simple items together to make a rockin' outfit. You don't need to spend a lot of money either!


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