Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Madewell Friendship Bracelet

A couple days ago I went to Scottsdale Fashion Square with Jeff just to walk around. We went in Madwell, which if you haven't been there, you NEED to go. They have amazing clothes some are a little outragesly expensive in my opinion but still cheaper then J-Crew. You can find delicate jewelry, must have basics, and more! I found a bracelet that I knew I could make. It was only $10 but I like a challenge so I created a DIY for you guys.

1. What you need: I used embroidery thread but you could use thicker cording as well, scissors, a button, and a bead.

2. Cut 4 feet of each color and fold in half

3. String through the button and knot

4. From the inside, take both strands of the color and wrap over to the other hand. Repeat with the opposite hand so it creates a fishtail braid all the way down. This is by far the easiest friendship bracelet I have ever made.

5. Continue down then knot and finish with a bead.

6. Wrap around button

7. Use another color thread and tie a square knot over both pieces for an adjustable closure.

8. All done!
{This is the actual bracelet from Madewell}

I am beyond tired for some reason! I taught tonight and have to teach in the morning as well! So its bedtime for me:)



  1. I love this! You're like the queen of amazing DIYs. :)


  2. That is the best compliment ever!!! Thank you so much!! :)


  3. Good to see this posting here! thanks for share.

  4. Oh wow, so beautiful, I should try this out over my work break, thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a lovely week.