Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Skull Tank Top & Tote

I saw a shirt similar to this at a boutique in Scottsdale a couple weeks ago and almost bought it...until I decided I could make this myself. Since I have been trying to save money I already had all of these materials but they can easily be bought at your local craft store for under $10.

1. What you need: tank top, lace, scissors, need thread/embroidery thread
2. Cut out the shape of the skull
3. Cut holes for eyes
4. Cut nose and mouth/string embroidery thread on needle
5. Sew and thats it!

For the tote I repeated all the same steps for the tank top except I didn't want to cut a mouth for this one. I love the feminine fabric mixed with the shape of the skull. Perfect bag for summer!

Also I want all you guys to check out Sofia's amazing blog lovalafashion! She features a bunch of DIY's, sewing, her Etsy shop, the latest fashions and more! Some of my favorite DIY's from her blog is this and this. Also you can follow her on Instagram at lovalafashion :) Happy Wednesday!


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