Thursday, February 1, 2018

Annual Tea With My Mom//

Every year since I can remember my mom + I have gone to tea around the holidays. It is our special tradition. Lately we have been going to the Phoenician for tea + we just love it. Everyone is so nice there + we love spending time together. If you have never been to tea before I'll explain a little about it.

First, you pick the tea you want. They have a huge selection of teas to choose from. Herbal, black + green teas. Then comes the first course, finger sandwiches. The sandwiches include - English cucumber, hickory smoked salmon, classic egg salad, Phoenician's lemon + thyme chicken salad + crisp asparagus + garlic herb mousse. The little sandwiches are so delicious + luckily for us they bring out seconds :) Up next are the scones. They had a buttermilk scone + cranberry. Both were so yummy. The scones are accompanied with devonshire cream, lemon curd + fresh strawberry preserves. I could eat all three of those toppings plain with a spoon :) haha! I'm so lady like! Lastly, are the desserts. So many tasty little treats + they are all so unique. I love the presentation.

Tea is my favorite tradition + I love spending time with my mom. After tea this year we looked around the resort then drove around looking at houses in the prettiest neighborhoods. We always have the best time! I love her!

Anyways, if you have never been to tea before get your mom or best girlfriends + go! Its so fun to chat + be lady like for the day :)

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