Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day In The Life

Sadly, this summer has fallen into a predicable routine and it feels as if there is becoming less and less hours in a day!
1. Wake up (normally by a phone; call or txt)
2. Go to the gym (my day isn't complete without it)
3. Eat a bowl of cereal (muligrain cheerios)
4. Go home and get ready for the day
5. Jeff comes to pick me up (usually already sitting on the couch for 30 minutes waiting for me)
6. Grab lunch! - I've been super into grilled chicken breast sandwiches on whole grain/ Ezekiel lately! mmm delish!
7. Depending on the day, either get ready to go to work or get ready for Jeff's baseball games.
8. Get done with work around 11 and come home for a lateee dinner or finish Jeff's game and find something to eat with him.
9. Meet up with one of my favorite couples and two best friends Jake and Kylie.
10. Finally go home, get in bed, and sit on the computer for hours.

Yes, this is the overall routine of my days! However, shopping trips, ballet class, and other activities are thrown in at random!

Well tomorrow is my last day at Forever21! Its bittersweet, but mostly sweet. I am looking forward to this year and what it brings along with it! Hopefully a promising job. My goal this year is to start teaching pre-ballet at the studio where I take, and where my mom takes and teaches. Yes my mom does ballet. Yes she is amazing. It would be so awesome if i got that opportunity! Anyways off to bed for me, another late night at work!


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