Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lip Stick Love

When I think about lip stick I think about all my years of dance performances and my recent years on pom. Applying the "Ruby Rue" MAC lip stick before every competition was a must. However, who wants to look like they are stepping off the stage every time they apply lip stick? Here is a smart way lip stick can be worn as an every day look or maybe even for a night out! I was recently buying some new make-up when I came across Rimmel's new line of lip sticks called Moisture Renew. I always hated how crack-y my lips would look if they were a little dry before applying the lip stick. Have no fear! Rimmels lip stick is perfect for moisturizing dry lips and did I mention how many colors it comes in? I chose three when I went. I picked "Pink Chic", "Summer Angel" and finally "Berry Queen". So here is the trick to make wearing lip stick look less costume-y. All you have to do is have a neutral eye and light blush/bronzer. This way your lipstick won't look so harsh. Also when you are trying to get the classic red lip, try to go for a slightly blue-red instead of an orangey-red. Orangey-red is very hard to match to any skin tone. Try wearing this for a night out! It adds a fun touch to any outfit and you can't get much classier then red lips! For an everyday look try the "Pink Chic" or "Summer Angel" colors that I bought. "Pink Chic" is more of a light pink while "Summer Angel" is a shimmery nude brown. Don't let putting color on your lips scare you! And have fun looking classy and chic!


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