Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hair Must Haves

Friday on the 4th hour of the today show, with Kathy Lee and Hoda I found some great tips from Bobbies Buzz.

1. Rita Hazan Root Concealer

This product sounds amazing and since I am getting my hair back to blonde I am definitely going to try it! All you have to do is spray product on your roots and it minimizes grays and keeps hair color looking vibrant and as fresh as the first dye. The aerosol spray not only helps hide unwanted roots, but offers thinning hair the look of fullness. With a water-resistant solution it dries quickly and won’t stain your face, clothing or sheets. The sulfate- and paraben-free formula is available in four shades and works with nearly every hair color. The best part is: $24;

2. Conair's mini crimper

Okay, don't get scared. Crimped hair is not back en voge, however, this trick is going to blow your mind. Crimping the under layers of your hair instead of teasing to get volume, texture, and lift is quick and easy with this mini crimper. Love it.

3. Lush's henna hair dye

Lush has developed a completely natural hair dye line that are safe for your locks and the environment. The "les cacas" colors ( Yes, inspired by the French word poo meaning "natural") made from Henna leaves date this back to the ancient Egyptians. The four shades — Caca Brun, Caca Noir, Caca Marron and Caca Rouge —cover all the basic hues, from bold black and chestnut to raven, and also condition and add shine. These vegen dyes are also safe for women who are pregnate and suffer from allergies.


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