Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jeff"s Birthday and AllStar Game

I have definitely been slacking on blogging lately so I wanted to catch up on some things that I have missed posting about. The day after my family and I got back from California it was my amazing boyfriend Jeff's 20th birthday! We celebrated my going out to eat that night with both of our families and the next day Jeff and I went to the Homerun Derby which was in good ol' AZ! So of course we had to go and since baseball is Jeff's first love (maybe second, if I'm first :) ) it was a perfect thing to do for his birthday. We had so much fun. A funny story that happened right when we got to the game was a photographer came up to Jeff and I wanting to take our picture for the Fanfest photos. Turns out, we got asked about 3 more times once we got into the ballpark. haha We said yes to every one of course. Here are some photos!



  1. i'm glad you and jeff had a great time celebrating his birthday! that's hilarious that you guys got asked so many times to get your picture taken!

    where is your peach and black colored picture from? it's adorable!


  2. That picture was taken at the baseball game! :) is that the picture you are talking about?