Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY: Rope Bracelet

I have been seeing this chunky rope trend around Pinterest and a bunch of blogs lately and totally dig it! I followed a link that was under an outfit post and came to The Ropes Maine webpage. I was totally obsessed until I saw that some of these were selling for $ not so cute anymore right?! Well lucky for us we can totally DIY these. Here's how.

1. What you need: TONS OF ROPE! I got mine from the hardware store and Hobby Lobby, a lighter, and some chunky jump rings and clasps, and bright embroidery thread.
2. Cut the rope and run the lighter over the ends to prevent unraveling.
3. Attach a jump ring to each side and a clasp to one.
4. Fold both ends over and start wrapping some embroidery thread around the center.
5. Continue until smooth.
6. Add an additional color in the center and {not shown} a color towards the end of the clasp on both sides.
7. Finished product!

{via my Instagram}

I am going to be gone from my little blog for a week! I will be going on a much needed vaca to San Diego! If you want to keep up with my adventures follow me on Instagram: alyssamayedwards or email me at See you next Saturday!!!:)


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