Monday, December 10, 2012

Outfit Post: Studying Chic

This week is almost my last week of school which means studying, writing, finals, writings and did I say studying? Yeah looks like fun right? I can't complain too much because about 15 minutes ago I finished my essay that is due tomorrow. All that I have left is 4 finals and one more essay to turn in on Thursday {which I am almost done with...hallelujah!} Today was spend at the gym and studying with my lovely friend Elise at Tea Infusion. It actually ended up to be a essay writing sesh, but I felt we got a lot accomplished. Here is what I am wearing today.

 leggings Love Culture, shredded t-shirt Supadupa Vintage, flannel O'Neil, handmade druzzy necklace, silver chain F21, Michael Kors watch, vintage silver cuffs, alpaca bracelet, vintage silver turquoise rings, Warby Parker glasses, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, Juicy Couture boots from Last Chance {$30}, socks Target

I feel like if you look cute while studying it makes your day better and studying go by faster. I don't know what it is, but I better look super stinkin' cute this week, and maybe all my work I have to do will seem like a piece of cake. It's a good philosophy right? On a side note, an amazing reader of STS got in contact with me the other day and wanted me to check out a friend's cover they did on a Bon Iver song. He is a 23 year old singer from Europe and will be releasing his first album in 2013! Here is the link for you all to check it out {here}!! It is super good so I wanted to get the word out:) I love all my loyal readers you guys mean the world to me!



  1. This is truly a lovely preppy & chic look....the color & pattern blends are amazing!


  2. I agree...the cuter you look, the better you study/work. I love your layers and I love your boots!! Good luck with the rest of the exams!

  3. Alyssa, I have been inspired by you! You just received the VERY inspiring Blogger award :)

    Check out the link to see how you can award others :)

  4. I love your glasses!!!!! Super cute plaid shirt color :)

  5. your outfit is so cute and comfy-looking that i almost wish i had finals to study for. almost. mostly i'm just thinking of how i can pair plaid with a tunic for my work week. thanks for the outfit inspo!

  6. its awesome to see how you styled your shredded tee for a casual look too! those shirts are awesome. also, i saw your comment about meeting up over break and i would love to! i will email you my phone number so that we can text about it :)


  7. Hi fellow blogger from

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    You can find the instructions on my blog

    Congrats girl! Keep up the great work on your blog! I really enjoy reading it!


  8. This is super adorable! Love your glasses :)