Monday, October 21, 2013

Engagement Party: All The Details

This past Saturday was our engagement party and I seriously couldn't have imagined anything better! It was so beautiful, fun and exactly what I pictured {and MORE}. I don't know what I would have done without my mom, future mother-in-law, my aunt and Jeff's aunts helping us get everything perfect!


Lets start with the invitations. I ordered the invitations from MegCreativeDesign {here} on Etsy. I love anything vintage, shabby chic etc. and lets just say these chalkboard inspired invitations clearly fit the bill. We got them printed at Staples for only $25. Such a good deal!


Jeff and I figured why not ask our bridesmaids and groomsmen at the party?! It will be in a fun atmosphere and all of our friends will already be coming. For the bridesmaids gift I went with a cute poem that I found on Pinterest and put all the "necessities" a bridesmaid will need on the big day. Since our wedding is still a year away, I didn't want to give them anything too personal {like a necklace or piece of jewelry} that they will have to wear the day of the wedding. I thought this idea was so original and a perfect way to ask my friends:)

{Maid of Honor}

 {Brittney + Jeremy}
 {Stephanie {Jeff's sister} and I}

***I had three more bridesmaids that couldn't make it Krissy, Lauren + Rea!

Here is a photo of my brothers girlfriend and I that I found too! I love Courtney!


Lets just say Pinterest has the best ideas when it comes to anything wedding related. Jeff and I found these adorable "Man Cards" that double as bottle openers for the boys. We tied them around a cute beer bottle in a burlap bag and labeled everyone's bottle. They were a hit!


All of our decorations were basically handmade minus any picture frames/vases/cake stands. We got all of our materials to make the banners at Hobby Lobby. I completely missed taking a picture of the banner that my mom and I made but I am going to do a tutorial on how we did it asap. My aunt let me borrow her LOVE bunting banner and my mom and I went off that to make our own. Ours said MR {heart} MRS It is adorable. We also made homemade chalkboards with frames from the dollar store. Jeff spray painted the insides {glass} of the frame with primer and chalkboard paint and they turned out great! I also DIYd a chalkboard with an empty frame + chalk board from Hobby Lobby for our "Love Story". It was only $27 dollars. Here are some of the photos of the decorations we made.

Vintage photobooth/guestbook:

Instead of a typical guestbook, we decided to ask our friend AJ to come take polaroid pictured of all our guests. We handmade the props and frame to hang the photos on. Jeff and I found the large gold frame at Goodwill for under $20. It was perfect. I stapled twine to the back and got some mini clothes pins for the guests to hang their photo. We hung up some old lace curtains, hung another handmade fabric banner and it turned out amazing. I can't thank AJ enough for making this idea happen! {we purchased all the of Polaroid film from Urban Outfitters}


All the dessert tables turned out great! We had a variety of apothicary jars thanks to Jeff's mom and plenty of gorgeous frames and my favorite gold cake stand from my mom:)


For the drinks we had cucumber water, tea, homemade sangria, beer, wine and champagne. For the non-alchoholic drinks + sangria we set up some mason jars with cute little name tags for the guests. It worked out great for keeping everyone's drink straight.


We had tons of yummy food including a cheese tray + cookies from my aunt, lemon bars, brownies, brie pesto, cheese ball + peanut carmel chews from my mom. Jeff's mom made little meatballs, ordered some bread sticks from Red, White and Brew {Our first date spot :)} shrimp cocktail + mini cheesecake glasses. One of my favorite food features at the party was our popcorn table. "He popped the question" :) It was so cute! Everything was so yummy and everyone loved it!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the photos from our party. If you have any questions on anything we made or did feel free to contact me at :)



  1. Congrats to your engagement and your absolutely amazing party. The photo's looking like you had so much fun. I love all the pretty details and you looking so fabulous. I'm excited for your wedding pictures ;)
    xo, Petra

  2. I love this! thanks for sharing! I nominated you for a sunshine away! check out my page for more details. congrats girl!

  3. This is seriously too perfect!
    I love absolutely every one of the decorations.

    I can't wait to get married so I can do all these fun things(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  4. This is absolutely perfect!
    I love every one of the decorations Alyssa(:

    I can't wait to get married, so I can do fun things like this!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  5. I'm finishing the planning for my engagement party this weekend & this was just the dose of inspiration I was looking for! So many great ideas! Congrats again pretty lady!

  6. Holy guacamole! If this is just your engagement party, I can wait to see the magnificence of your wedding! Looks amazing and FUN! You looked gorgeous, as always!

    Congratulations again! <3 <3 <3