Thursday, January 16, 2014

Outfit Post: It's January Somewhere

So it straight feels like full on spring time here in AZ right now. I didn't even wear tights under this or tall socks and I was completely fine all day. The AC/heater broke in my car and I was totally sweating on the way home from work today haha. Sad!!! Here is what I wore today.

dress/bag/necklace Gypsy Soul Collective, ring Paint The Town Me, triangle ring Knee Deep Denim, scarf Murabelle, hat Urban Philosophy, boots Latigo

How cute is this dress + bag from Gypsy Soul Collective. I absolutely love her stuff so much it just screams ME! This bag is perfect for work because I can throw all my stuff in it {including all my tupperware for lunch/breakfast etc. Also I am super excited about a feature I will be during tomorrow with Knee Deep Denim so stay tuned! :)


1 comment:

  1. I will never get over your amazing hippie style!
    It's SO HOT here, too! Like, it's been 90 degrees for the past week - what a joke! It got so hot that the clocks at our school got overheated and reset! What a joke hahaha.