Monday, February 24, 2014

Outfit Post: Color In The Wind

A couple weeks ago I did a photoshoot with the ever-so-talented Jennifer Griffith. Let me just tell you, she is so sweet and so amazing. I seriously love every single photo. Here is part 1 of the shoot we did.

***Photos by Jennifer Griffith
jeans Urban Outfitters, top Happy Chance Apparel, floral kimono Street Chic, necklace Native Hearts, booties Target

If you have been following my blog for a while now you know that I absolutely love to feature and promote small business. I feel like the small business community is so welcoming and everyone is a team. Everyone knows how hard it is to make small businesses work so why not collab and work as one?! 

I have been working with Happy Chance Apparel for quite sometime now and she is just a doll and such a hard worker. She is a mom of 3 and a step mom of 2 and is completely inspirational. Starting her clothing line {Happy Chance} she had her daughters in mind and knew they would be the source of inspiration for it. 

"Happy Chance is all about life's moments...those summer night moments, and bonfire moments, and Friday night football moments, and first kiss moments, and slumber party moments. I believe that life is made up of all these unforgettable happenings that are completely and totally meant to be...some are amazing and wonderful, and some are difficult and heartbreaking. These moments are what I like to call happy chances. These moments are what I can't wait for my daughters to experience. I hope they soak it all in and have the fondest memories of being young and carefree. Happy Chance Apparel is designed with the notion that we can and should live life to it's fullest. We capture life's moments in our clothing. Be Happy!"
- Maryann James

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Maryann from Happy Chance Apparel. To find out more visit her blog {here} and shop her adorable pieces {here}. Thanks for tuning in today! 


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