Monday, July 21, 2014

Outfit Post: Vintage Gypsy

I apologize for the super non-interesting background as of late. I get a ton of questions on when I take my outfit photos, who takes them etc. and to be honest, I only take outfit photos when I am ACTUALLY wearing a cute outfit. haha When I feature my outfits on a certain day I most likely wore that outfit that day {unless I took photos from a previous days outfit and am now just getting around to get the picture}. The AZ sun is so intense that I have been snapping photos in my backyard as quickly as possible in the shade. So bare with me until the sun decides to set a little earlier in the day.

bells + top Gypsy Soul Collective, necklace Forever 21, headband Monroe and Harlow, sandals Top Shop, bracelets Pineapple Bling

Today was Jeff's first day at his new job and tomorrow will be my first day at my new job! It is funny the way everything works out for the absolute best in the "nick-of-time". I couldn't possibly imagine our lives any other way. We are blessed!


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