Thursday, January 1, 2015

Outfit Post: New Year

I cannot believe that it is already 2015. I don't really feel like I was ready for the holidays this year so the fact that it is already over makes me sad :(

Funny story: Jeff and I have been working so much lately {different schedules} I will sometimes open at work but when I get home we have to rush off to something or he will get home at 5pm and I am closing that night at work. You get the picture! So trying to coordinate a time to put our tree up was super challenging. We ended up putting our tree up the weekend before Christmas and come to find out, the lights didn't work. {haha} Anyways I ended up getting frustrated because it was two days before Christmas and we had a bare light-less tree in our living room and all I wanted was that magical Christmas tree with the twinkling lights. Jeff being the calm, cool and collected guy that he {who never gets mad at me or anything even when I over-react about the dumbest things} ends up decorating our lightless tree with the ornaments we got from the dollar store {super cute metallic colors I might add}. So I get home from work late and walk in our house to a decorated {still with no lights} Christmas tree. He really is the best hubby. Definitely a story to laugh about {now} and to tell our kids one day about mom and dad's first Christmas tree experience. HAHA!

Here is todays New Year's Day outfit...two seconds before we went home and I changed into comfy lulu pants and Uggs. It's just too cold here in AZ right now for jeans and normal shoes...HAHA! {it even snowed here, that should tell you something!}

jeans American Eagle, sweater + shirt + booties Target, hat Lululemon, Michael Kors watch, glasses Warby Parker, Alex + Ani Bracelets, bag Street Level 


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