Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BEAUTY// Summer Skin

I am SO excited to share this with you guys. About a year ago I heard of doTERRA oils. I had recently started using peppermint oil to help me with my headaches and I wanted to learn more about all the other oils and their uses. One of my best friends uses them daily and they have really helped her so much! Plus defusing them in your home smells amazing. Fast forward to Christmas and my mother in law gave me the doTERRA starter pack with peppermint, lemon + lavender. She also gave me oregano + digestzen. Now fast forward to a couple months ago I found @essentialoilsisters on Instagram and loved how they posted different mixtures of oils and exactly what they did. I am so excited that I am working with them and through that I get to share some of my favorite oils + uses with you guys!

This combination that I am sharing with you guys today is grapefruit + cypress. These two mixed together with fractionated coconut oil is an amazing remedy for smooth summer skin. It is said that these oils mixed together can reduce the appearance of cellulite + create smooth soft skin.

I seriously have been loving this skin remedy for summer! It not only makes your skin smooth + appear more smooth my skin gets SO dry during this time of year {thanks Arizona} so the oil is seriously soaked up right away. I apply this on my legs {you can really apply anywhere; arms, tummy etc.} right before bed. If you guys want to purchase make sure to contact Essential Oil Sisters on IG + their website to purchase from is {here}.


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