Monday, June 12, 2017

Microblading Update Pt. 2// Q + A

Hi friends! I have recieved so many compliments + questions regarding my microbladed eyebrows from @highbrowamanda I thought it would be fun to do a little "frequently asked question" post - {I am now healing from my touch up appointment}.  Plus some of these questions I asked before getting microbladed as well. Enjoy!

Q//  How long do I need to wait after my microblading session to get my eyebrows waxed/how long before my microblading session do I need to get waxed?
A// 2 weeks before or after. Make sure you give your skin enough time to heal so it doesn't interfere with the microblading.

Q// Does the color come back after my brows peel?
A// Yes, sometimes the color does come back after they peel. Sometimes a thin layer of freshly healed skin has formed over the pigment and it will exfoliate off in a couple of weeks. You will see the color come back then.

Q// How long will my microblading last?
A// The average life span of microblading is 12-18 months depending on your skin type + how well you take care of them during the healing phase + after they have healed.

Q// How do I take care of them post session?
A// No heavy sweating. {this was the hardest part for me} aka no gym! Keep them as dry as possible, keep them out of the sun, do not exfoliate them + no harsh skin products.

Q// Does it hurt?!
A// Numbing cream is applied which will prevent you from feeling a lot of the microblading. {TMI but I happened to be on my period during the first session + I was a little more sensitive.} Everyone is different!

If you guys are debating whether or not to take the plunge on getting your brows done...I HIGHLY recommend it. I love not having to fill in my brows #iwokeuplikethis follow @highbrowamanda on Instagram + check out her amazing work. She is so talented + SO SWEET!

PS** Can I be the first one to call out the water bottles on Jeffs side of them bed...haha! #reallife 

*ring via Raptor Jewelry, necklace Harper Made, Happy Planner


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