Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chocolate Berry Smoothie Bowl// Millennium Blend

You know those moments when you totally feel like a professional chef?! Usually this happens to me after making an amazing crock pot meal {aka the easiest way to make dinner} but in this case it happened when I made this tasty smoothie bowl. I actually want to do an entire post on my meals/meal prep but when Millennium Blend sent me their metabolic protein powder I knew I would be able to incorporate this into my everyday life. Usually for breakfast I like to have either over night oats, egg whites or some type of protein shake/smoothie. I always used to skip breakfast but I now realize breakfast is basically one of the most important meals of the day. For the last few months I have been tracking my meals on My Fitness Pal App it's almost like a fun game to make sure I'm getting the right nutrition everyday. For me, when I am making an effort on my body's well being I feel AMAZING mentally and physically. Enough about me - lets talk about this delicious smoothie bowl.

Of course protein shakes are so yummy {usually mine include PB2 + banana - fav combo} but when I was thinking about switching up my usual breakfast I came up with this chocolate berry smoothie bowl. I was inspired by one of my favorite places here in AZ that has super delicious acai bowls. One of their flavors includes chocolate + coconut. I had to give it a try + put my own spin on it. And "by my own spin" I mean make this as easy as possible. You're welcome. Here is how I made it!

A few reasons why I love Millennium Blend Metabolic Protein Powder - it actually tastes amazing. It tastes like a rich chocolate milkshake. This protein has ProHydrolase Enzyme. "This special enzyme maximizes absorption of whey protein + fuels recovery." It also has a probiotic called GanedenBC30. I have always had a sensitive stomach so its nice to know that this probiotic is helping to keep my gut in check + boost my immune system. Lastly, Millennium Blend includes probiotic + dietary fiber which aid in mineral absorption, cholesterol levels + overall disgestive health. Basically everything you could ever want in a protein powder.

Whether you mix Millennium Blend Metabolic Protein Powder up in a yummy shake or make this tasty smoothie bowl your body will thank you - especially your stomach :)

Check out their site here for more info + products.

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