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If putting together outfits for special events or even everyday causes you anxiety, take a look at some of my styling sessions and I can eliminate all of your style stress. I am located in the Phoenix, AZ area, but if you are not, scroll down to my E-Style Consulting. For more details email with the subject line "STYLE SESSION". I can't wait to help you out! 

Basic Styling Session:
Having a hard time trying to put together outfits with pieces you already have in your wardrobe? Don’t you worry! With the Basic Styling Session, I will help you put pieces together to create a variety of perfects looks just for you.
$25 an hour  - minimum of 1 hour

Premium Styling Session:
The Premium Styling Session includes everything in the Basic Styling Session plus a 2 hour shopping trip to add new pieces into your wardrobe. This is a perfect package for someone looking to revamp their wardrobe for a different season, recent weight loss, pregnancy or maybe you are just tired of seeing the same things hanging in your closet.
$125 for the first 2 hours - $25 an hour for any additional hours

Closet Organization Session:
This is the biggest and most in-depth package I offer. Do you look in your closet and have no idea where to start when organizing your clothes? I can take care of that! Everything from matching hangers to color coordinating, I will transform your closet so it feels like you are shopping every time you get ready. Now who wouldn’t want that?
$200 – Normally takes more then 1 day, we can discuss further details when meeting.                               

Event Styling:
Do you have a big event coming up and are stressing over what to wear? Let me ease your stress and help you put together a stunning look for your big event.
$25 an hour – minimum of 1 hour

Engagement + Wedding Styling:
Are you worried about what you are going to wear for all of your upcoming wedding plans? You have enough planning to do, so let me take care of all the styling details. We can plan out all your upcoming events all the way up to your big day and put together gorgeous looks for everything! {I am personally doing this for myself right now so we can have fun chatting about wedding plans together}
$25 an hour minimum of 1 hour

E-Style Consulting:
If you don’t live in the Phoenix area this session is perfect for you. With your choice of an E-Style Consultation via email or Skype, I will help you with any of your styling questions and wardrobe dilemmas.
Flat fee of $50

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