Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just A little Indie

So lately I've been totally into indie/bohemian fashion. Long wavy hair, billowy shirts, elaborate fabrics, earthy colors and stones like turquoise. Stacking bracelets on your wrists and wearing multiple rings are an easy way to get the indie feeling. I have also been really into keeping my natural nails healthy. I used to get acrylic nails put on all the time but I have found that keeping your own nails nice and being able to paint them however you want really saves money and is fun (for me who gets bored all the with my nail color). Here is an amazing website that I am completely obsessed with. I literally love everything on here. It is called modcloth.com and here are a few of my obsessions.

1. long sleeve chiffon - $42.99
2. striped shirt - $32.99
3. floral cardi - $42.99
4. rocker boot - $99.99
5. wedge - $39.99
6. snake ring - $11.99

Getting my hair done tomorrow:) So excited. Lets just say I get bored with my hair color easilyyy haha

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