Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend? Where?

This weekend went by wayyyy to fast. Now back to the daily grind until Thursday that is. Although the weekend went by quickly, It was so much fun. I am blessed to have amazing friends, the best boyfriend in the entire world, and the best family ever. Today was a fun (much needed) shopping day. I picked up a "few" things and I'm so excited to wear all of it. Some items I picked up were some flow-y shirts, a long sleeve flannel, jeggings, and a cream leather jacket. I also came across a blog that I absolutely love. She goes to a thrift store and buys an ugly dress for $1 365 days of the year therefore spending $365 a year and then makes it into something adorable. Hmm all the money I would save.. Well I hope everyone had an amazing weekend like mine and I'm counting down the days till Thursday at approximately 11:45:)


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