Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Natural Again

Okay so I finally took my extensions out after having them in (different sets but still!) since the beginning of June. I absolutely loved them but am so happy to have my real hair again. I am going to miss having my long curly locks but soon enough my hair will grow out. Ever since cutting my hair the beginning of senior year I have been on a mission to grow it out and you may think I'm crazy but I almost cut it short again! I love having it super short and healthy and love it super long but this whole in between business will have to do. At least it is healthy again and hey I get so bored with my hair its a change! I put blonde back in the top but it will take a couple of times going back to get it fully light again but I kept the brown underneath to help it grow. I love it!

***And if you are wondering what kind of extensions I had, I had two different kinds. The first time I got it done I had the glue in kind. Which I loveddddd everything about until I found out the hard way about taking them out. They were a pain in the butt to remove because it resulted in glue being left behind. So I switched to this kind that used little metal beads that had a coating of color ( you picked the color that best resembled your hair) and squished them on to each individual strand. I completely recommend this kind. It is so easy to put in and take out my friend and I do each others and I even did my other friends hair with them.


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