Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flawless Foundation

I have found the ultimate trick to having flawless foundation. I recently was looking for some foundation that truly matched my skin color. I'll admit that I have committed the crime of "the mask" which is soooo ugly and I have finally found the solution to well blended and true to your skin color foundation. I watched Kandee Johnson's cheap foundation video on Youtube which you can watch here and it gave me great tips. Here is how to get this look.

The foundation that Kandee uses in her video is L'oreal True Blend. I am not a huge fan of liquid foundation because I fell in love with Bare Minerals however, as she says in her video not everyones skin is all one color or you would look like a cartoon. So that is why I have the lighter color for all over my face picked a darker color 3 shades darker then the lighter one for shading. This lets you shade parts of your face which slenderizes and adds dimension. The reason she likes True Blend so much is that L'oreal is a French based company so the quality of the product is just as good as any pricier name brands you may find at Sephora.

1. Put the lighter color all over your face and blend down to your neck
2. Put on concealer as needed to cover redness, darkness under your eyes, and any pimples you may have
3. Take the darker color and swipe and blend right under your cheek bones.
4. Apply to the temples
5. Put on the forehead and blend into hairline
6. Next to slenderize your nose put some on the sides leaving the center untouched
7. To add a finished feel apply Airspun Extra Coverage Translucent Powder
8. Apply a none shimmer bronzer on your cheeks right where the darker foundation was applied and blend.
9. Yay! Now you have a flawless face!


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  1. this tutorial is so great! i love how you took pictures for each step. :)

    i used to use this same foundation, but it broke me out because i have really sensitive skin. :\ but i'm glad you were able to finally find a foundation you love!

    i watch kandee johnson too! she is so good at what she does!

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