Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break To Do List

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This is officially my first "real" Spring Break ever. No more pom practice, dance rehearsal, nothing. And what may I be doing over the break you might ask? Staying in good ol' AZ. Yes, I know, how boring. But on the contrary, I am planning to get so much done and really take advantage of my time off. Here are all the things I plan on doing (some of which were accomplished today).

I am already on my second week and of the second and final month of Insanity. Can't stop now. I see amazing results and while everyone else will be out partyin' it up I'll be cardio-ing it up sweating my little booty off. I can't wait to share with you guys after I am all done.

2. Spray tan at Dolce
I have become obsessed. My friend Kylie got me hooked on these bad boys and let me tell you, once you get one you will be hooked for like too. Like Dolce Salon and Spa on Facebook and you can get amazing "steals and deals" for all the amenities they offer. Last week I bought a Versa spray tan package 4 for $40 (normally $25 each spray tan session). $10 dollars for a spray tan?! You can not beat it. I love them so much. They don't make you orange, and they actually moisturize your skin and since I have completely given up on "fake baking" these work miracles. I will do a full post about these because I could go on and on.

3. Shopping
I went shopping today and honestly I don't think I have gone on a major shopping spree in forever. I found so much stuff for spring/summer I am so excited to wear it. I will do a separate post on that as well.

4. Jeff's baseball games
Jeff has games all week (which is why I am not going out of town) but I am so excited for them and they will do awesome. However, this weekend Jeff had a double header and lets just say, the skin on my back has seen better days. Tube tops- plus- metal bleachers- plus- being in the sun for six hours equals horribly red/purple back. Lets just hope my spray tan/skin doesn't peel.

5. Finish my closet make over
I started and finished my closet make over. I love it. But since I just went shopping, It made me realize that even though I do tend to wear all my clothes in my closet I could reduce and give away some of my "not so favorite" pieces and replace them with even cuter more versatile shirts/shorts/skirts etc. However, this project wasn't an easy task. Therefore, I am determined to organize my entire room so that my neatly revamped closet won't be the only clean area in my room. I have my work cut out for me.

6. Gettin' my hair done
Yay. I am getting my hair done tomorrow, and like always I am so excited. It seems like I always wait until the last possible time to get my hair done. I have been living in messy buns/headbands/my new favorite accessory, hats, for what seems like weeks now. Bye bye dull hair, hello blonde again? I think yes. Lets just say Jeff is a little too excited about this decision. I have researched and found so many cool tips on keeping blonde hair healthy, vibrant, light, and nourished. So having blonde hair this time around shall be different I am determined.

7. Read a book
I already know this one is going to be a struggle. I find myself so ADD lately that I have no idea if I could even sit long enough let alone read an entire book. So lets change this goal to "Start reading a book" eh?

8. Get my online class assignments done before next weekend
I know what your thinking. Homework over spring break?! I know it sucks! And to top it all off I waited until the last minute yesterday and was doing my class all day with the help of my dad (thanks Daddy). I do not need a repeat next weekend. It was a meltdown/disaster.

9. Lake?
Since I am not going anywhere for the break Jeffs team was trying to come up with some fun stuff we could do. We were going to try to go to California next weekend but their tournament in TBD so it would be really last minute if we decided to go but we also thought of the lake. Maybe rent some jet skis and hanging out all day is just what we need. I hope that this one works out!

Even though I do want to get alot done, I also want to set aside some time to relax. I feel like I am so busy during the normal school/work week that I hardly have time to have free time. This break was much needed indeed.


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  1. your week sounds relaxing, yet productive! when i first read "insanity", i thought you meant insanity... literally. i was really confused for a sec, but got what you were talking about after reading the rest of the description. haha!

    i'm on spring break this week too... making a list like this sounds like a fantastic idea. maybe it'll make me motivated to do more than watch lifetime movies all day. :)