Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Addiction

Remember when I told you all about my fun book purchase from the used book store? Well I am officially hooked. I have one chapter left and I'm trying to drag in on and on because my next book from the series hasn't arrived yet! I am reading the VC Andrews book Heaven which is in the Casteel Family series and I searched all weekend for the second book in the series called Dark Angel. I couldn't find it anywhere, not even Barns and Nobel... I KNOW! So I ended up ordering it from Barns and Nobel which was totally convenient because my family has a membership there, which means free express shipping right to my house. LOVE! And that was yesterday, so the wait continues. I'm pathetic. And I have another crazy story which I am so lucky I found out about. I guess since this series was published so long ago (1980-1990) they are starting to have less and less copies available because books are being transferred to E-Book (NOOOOOOO). So grab your books while you can people technology is taking over and I'm totally against it! After hearing this news I got scared because Barns and Nobel didn't have the last three books in the series either! I FREAKED. So I called Bookman's Used Books and what do ya know, they had the last three books and all of them combined only cost $9?! And that is why I adore used book stores. The end.



  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. how is your blonde coming along :) it really is quite the process!!

  2. I just went to a book sale on campus last week and got a couple books for like $3! I love reading and wish I had more time to do it right now, but used bookstores are definitely the place to get books! I'm glad you are enjoying your book right now, it's always the best to be super into a book.. and even better when it's a series! :]

  3. I love books sales! Last year my school had one, and I bought 24 books for $58! Good deal, right?!

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  5. i love used book stores! every time i go into a place like barnes and noble or borders, there are so many books i want to buy... but they always end up being so expensive!

    i'm glad you are finding time to read for fun! i wish i could do the same. :)


  6. Awww thank you guys!! :) Yes I am planning on reading a lot this summer! I love to do it and I am determined to make time for it :)

    &Kelsey - I need to make another hair appointment, but for some reason I am liking my roots. Weird! I guess thats a good thing, because I get roots so quickly!

  7. If you ever have problems finding a used book check They search a ton of used bookstores for what you're looking for.