Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping On A College Budget

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Ever since starting college, and having my own job I have been learning the value of money, MY money. It is not a secret that I love to shop and I have a few ways to make your money go a long way while shopping on a lower budget.

1. Stick to the basics - Layering is in! So don't be afraid to stick with plain tees and tanks.
2. Try to avoid "danger zones" - Although I love purchasing items from Nordstroms I consider this a major "danger zone" (not always, don't get me wrong) however, the majority of all shirts and cardigans etc. range from 35-60 dollars. Not a lot of bang for your buck eh?
3. Forever 21 - This store is what I live by. You can find affordable, fashionable items. Some people may not agree or think items aren't made well but the truth is while everyone else is spending their pretty pennies, I will be looking pretty in an outfit that cost less then one shirt from somewhere else. LOVE IT.
4. Jeans - This may be my only exception with splurging, however all of my jeans, I repeat all of my jeans, I have bought from Name brand, Buffalo exchange, and Target. You don't always have to wear designer jeans that can break the bank. But I do think that if you are to splurge on something jeans is the way to go. They last a long time and match anything.
5. Learn to mix and match - The more you can mix and match different items of your closet together to make new outfits, there will be less of a need to shop.
6. Thrifting - Need I say more?
7. Accessorize - Make outfits fun by layering bangles, long necklaces, and chunky rings.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.


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  1. I love these tips! I'm definitely a bargain shopper and always try to get the most for my money! Thrift shopping is my favorite! That's so exciting! I love it here at ASU, let me know if you end up transferring! :]