Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catching Up..Again

Last week started my fun festivities of summer. I purchased my beautiful white iPhone...which I love. And the following day Jeff, Jake, Kylie and I road tripped it to Vegas. We had the most amazing time. Right when I got in the car Jeff surprised me and bought me my Michael Kors iPhone clutch that I wanted(he hid it in the glove box)! I was so unbelievably happy! We went to Pinks hot dogs on the strip which ended up being an experience! I'm not a big hot dog fan so I ended up getting more of a sausage type dog and it ended up being really good. However, I wouldn't recommend eating it everyday. We went to all the outlets and spent $$$ (maybe too much) but I got tons of really cute things that I will get a lot of use out of this summer. We got back on Monday and this week has already flown by. Tuesday was Jeff and I's two year anniversary. I can't believe how fast two years can happen. It feels like he was just weird. Anywhooo, we went to Red White and Brew (where we had our first date) and we even sat in our same booth:) We are sentimental what can I say? Next, Jeff's family came into town yesterday and we all went out to eat at Tia Rosas a really yummy mexican restaurant. Now, today one of my best friends and Jeff's sister Stephanie is graduating from high school. I'm so happy for her and we will be attending that tonight! And finally, tomorrow Jeff, my family (and Millie), and I will be spending our weekend in Prescott at our cabin for some much needed RnR. My mom and I have big plans of antiquing while we are there and hopefully Sean will do really good in his baseball tournament which is also up there this weekend! Convenient right? Well here is all the pictures to catch you up. I am sure to have really beautiful ones after this weekend is over.



  1. it sounds like you had a lot of fun in vegas! i'm making it my goal to make a trip down there, myself. after all, it seems like a must, especially if you are over 21!

    you look gorgeous in all of these pictures! no joke! --and i love love love your new phone case! micheal kors makes such classy and versatile stuff.


  2. Looks like you had a blast! You have an adorable blog!