Wednesday, October 5, 2011


With school half way done and my birthday around the corner I felt it was time I caught everyone up on what I have been up to! I got my Zumba instructors license in September and have been trying to find somewhere to teach ever since. I love Zumba so much and think it is so much fun!! I cant wait to teach:) (and get paid to exercise!!). My classes are going well this semester and I just signed up for next semesters classes which I'm so happy about because it will be my last semester at SCC and then Im transferring to ASU in the fall! Woo! So next semester should be a breeze with only two classes :) My 20th birthday is on Sunday and a group of friends and I will be celebrating at my new favorite sushi place Zushi, this weekend. Jeff and I are happier then ever and his semester is going great! Im excited for spring semester to start so I can go to his baseball games again:) Also I'm still teaching dance and I love it everyday. The kids that I teach are amazing and with 5 different elementary schools I can expect to see/hear something new everyday. They bring joy in my life and make everyday exciting. Well I think that pretty much sums up the past 3 months and Im not making any promises of blogging because I cant seem to keep them but when something exciting happens or if I found something really cool I will make sure to blog away! Happy Wednesday♥


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  1. Alyssa!
    I've missed your post, and am so glad you made an update! Congratulations on several things: getting your Zumba instructor license (I remember when you were just starting Zumba!), getting into ASU, and almost turning 20! All of those things are super exciting, and I'm really happy for you! That's really cool that you'll be able to start going to your boyfriend's baseball games again, too!

    Glad to see all is well with you! :)