Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Long Time No Post

10 things that have happened to me since I posted last.

1. I am teaching Zumba at La Fitness.
2. I am now 20 years old.
3. I have lost 12 pounds.
4. I've found an obsession with acai bowls at Bowl of Heaven.
5. I am back to my super duper blonde self.
6. I picked my lovely VC Andrews book back up since the summer. Shame on me.
7. I am now even more obsessed with doing my nails after purchasing my at how gel manicure kit.
8. The KardashionKolors by OPI Nicole are amazing.
9. Three more weeks left of the semester until winter vaca and finally wearing sweaters and boots!
10. I haven't forgotten about blogging I have been looking at them just haven't had time to post.



  1. Wow! It seems like a lot of great things have happened to you! Congratulations on getting to teach Zumba (I remember when you posted about trying it for the first time!), losing 12 pounds (wow!), and turning 20 (how does it feel to no longer be a teen? :))!

    As usual, you look amazing in both of these pictures. Are those jeggings, you're wearing? If so, where did youg get them? I've been looking for a pair that doesn't fade! :)

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

    1. I totally just got this I'm so sorry its been a month since I've looked:( But thank you so much it has been so exciting and its so weird not being considered a teen...but I like it..haha! :) But they are just the skinny jeans from forever21 I used to hate them but they have turned into my favorite jeans ever! And they haven't faded at all which is surprising since they are so dark and they were cheap!