Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feature: Very Handbags

I have been in contact with a lovely lady that has introduced me to Very and a new Facebook App that helps you find the right handbag, Bagology. Very is an amazing site with tons of products but today I want to highlight the bags. 

What Does Your Handbag Say About You?
We cannot deny that handbags are loved by women throughout the world almost as much as chocolate and wine. Yet, this fashion accessory could prove to do more than just look good when slung across our arm!
Forget about tarot cards, palm readings and psychics – apparently our choice of handbag is now dubbed as being a key reflector of our personality; revealing unique and novel insights into what type of person you are.
A new app on Facebook called Bagology, claims that you can tell a lot about a woman’s personality simply by looking at the type of bag she carries.

The Hobo Bag
According to the Bagology app, if you have a Hobo style handbag in your collection then you are an active kind of person with hordes of interests and hobbies. The hobo bag is characterised by a large crescent shape strap and is typically made out of soft and flexible material, enabling wearers to keep a firm grip on their bag and belongings. According to the experts, this corresponds with the lady’s personality as she likes to stay focused and in control of every aspect of her life.

The Clutch bag
Clutch handbags, more so than hobo style bags, mean that you can really keep a grip of your most valuable and important possessions. This penchant for keeping a tight grip on things that are important is reflective of a woman’s personality. Ladies who love clutch bags are level headed, in control and self assured, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, who is regularly seen grasping an ultra sassy clutch.

The Bowling Bag
This fun and fashionable style of handbag is a more practical solution to the more standard camera bag that doesn’t give you much room to hold your bits and pieces.
The bowling bag, on the other hand, can be jam packed with everything from phones, makeup, money and dairies. This style reflects a girl with a ‘get up and go’ kind of personality and may reflect one who has a hectic and highly sociable lifestyle.

The Satchel
Bagology asserts that women who prefer satchel-style bags are the perfect blend of firm and loving. The satchel wearing lady might be a bit of a dreamer, yet she won’t let herself be taken advantage of. There are also those who argue that this style is for those who exude professional confidence.

Here is are some of my favorites bags from Very

1. Mischa Barton Sorrel Cross Body Bag in Blush- 49.00
2. Ted Baker Glitter Satchel Bag in Bronze- 99.00
3. Leather Cross Body Bag- 52.00
4. French Connection Oxford Quilt Clutch- 65.00
5. Lipsy Hayley Snake Skin Crossbody Bag- 25.00
6. Addida’s Originals Vintage Shopper Bag- 28.00
7. Lipsy Evening Box Bag/Clutch- 35.00
8. Lipsy Tallulah Logo Embossed Bag- 48.00
9. Lipsy Eva City Bag- 48.00
10. Modalu Pippa Leather Grab Bag- 195.00
{all of these bags are priced in pounds}

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this feature, and check out Very! See you all tomorrow:)



  1. Very interesting post! I prefer satchels and think what it says about me is true.. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  2. This is scary accurate! I flip flop from clutch to hobo bag all the time. Depends on my mood.


  3. Haha this is such a good post! I kind of fall under a few of these. Love that glitter bag, too!

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  4. I love love that glitter bag!

  5. I am a satchel bag kind of girl, and that was so me! haha! I love it. :) And those first three bags (the satchels) are amazing!