Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outfit Post: Old Faithful

My favorite thing to throw on in the fall and winter is a flannel, jeans, socks and boots. You pretty much can't go wrong when putting all of those pieces together. Whether it is combat boots, over the knee boots, riding boots or cowboy boots they all perfectly complement any fall and winter attire.

 jeans Target, over the knee socks Target, flannel shirt F21, boots Sheikh, bag & watch Michael Kors, ILY Couture bracelet, gifted rings, necklace F21, glasses Warby Parker

Today before class I went to grab lunch at Paradise. Keep in mind that normally when I wear jeans with holes and rips in them I get the usual "It looks like you have some holes in your pants" or "I think it's time to throw those out" bless those old peoples hearts. But today was night and day different! I got a compliment from the cashier, an older man asked where he could get "those things" under my boots for his wife and another worker said he liked my outfit. was a good day for a self esteem boost! I hope all of you had a fab day as well! Bye!



  1. Well, all of those people are correct, your outfit is very cute. I've never been a fan of flannel, but adding girly details just may change my mind.


  2. I am on the hunt for a perfect plaid shirt right now and I LOVE yours! You are so adorable in those glasses, and I am obsessed with your bag!!

    Xo, Rachel

    Glitzy Blues

  3. don't you love those days?! so great. :) You do look super cute. Love this outfit!

  4. Your boots are so cute!! And I just love your shirt, I have about 4 plaid shirts that I shuffle in between. They are so easy to wear and I love how comfortable they are. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. You are so great at layering! Loooving the boots over socks over jeans! I need to start copying you more hahhaa.

  6. Torn jeans and thigh high socks and boots... how thoughtfully unique is that !! WOW
    Loving your plaid shirt with gold too !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  7. Haha...what a great day! I love it when people actually get and appreciate my style :) I love your style! You look awesome!