Monday, January 21, 2013

At Home Chipotle Veggie Salad

You could say Jeff and I are slightly obsessed with Chipotle. It is definitely one of our favorite places to go for lunch. My favorite thing there is their veggie salad. They probably hate me because I am always telling them "just a little of this" "just a little of that" because if you don't say that you get a TON of food. {which isn't always a bag thing...haha} However, going out to lunch can get pretty expensive so today after my run I decided to try and recreate Chipotle's salad at home. Here is my version.
{cut and grill 1 red onion + 1 green bell pepper}
 {add any lettuce of your choice: I used arugula}
 {add grilled veggies: I sliced mine after they were grilled}
 {add a little pinto beans}
 {add a little corn}
 {add cherry tomatoes + a dollop of low fat sour cream}
 {drizzle a little Chipotle Vinaigrette dressing: I used this recipe + salt and pepper}

One of my favorite things about Chipotle's salad is the yummy vinaigrette dressing. You don't have to use this, but it does add a little flavor and tangy-ness to the salad. Also if you want you can substitute the low fat sour cream for greek yogurt or add any type of meat if you would like a heartier dish. After you prep all the ingredients, keep them handy in the refrigerator for next time. I hope you guys enjoy this salad as much as I did today! If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me: 



  1. Yum! I am also obsessed with Chipotle... and you're right. Going out to eat all the time can add up. I think I definitely need to look into a homemade version of the burrito bowl. :)


  2. MmmMmmMmm! This looks delicious. I love how you grilled the veggies. xx. McKenna Lou