Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit Post: Casual Camo

Lately I have been loving the bohemian, flowy look. You can make this style feminine, rocker or both which pretty much sums up my style. Today for the Coast to Coast Challenge I ended up pairing my camo jacket with a comfy 3/4 length grey top from Target {old} and some cut offs. A funny story about these shorts: I did a DIY over the summer with these and ended up cuffing the bottom of the shorts. I went to try them on yesterday and they were huge! I snipped the threads, un-cuffed the bottom and ironed them out. Now instead of wearing them on my waist they slide down around my hips for a casual look. These shorts always were one of my favorites because the distressing is perfect.

shorts vintage DIY, shirt Target, camo jacket vintage, boots & bag F21, sunnies Ray Ban, Michael Kors watch, assorted bracelets: Charming Charlie, ILY Couture, Nordstrom, Windsor, vintage rings, necklace F21

{on Jeff: shorts Nordstrom, shirt RVCA, sunnies Von Zipper, shoes {not shown} Creative Recreations}

When I showed up to meet Jeff for lunch today we both had on camo, so of course a photo opp was necessary. I'm happy I have a stylish man on my hands that loves to shop...maybe as much as me. I hope you all have a wonderful day. 



  1. this just made me super excited to wear the vintage camo jacket I just bought last week! It also made me really jealous that you are experiencing shorts weather

    fox + gypsy

  2. Your necklace is so pretty! Love the photo w/your BF! :)

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  3. Super adoooorable. I'm glad I'm not the only one roasting in the middle of January over here! Freaking 80 degrees today. Ridic!

    Also, too cute that you two both showed up in camo. If my my cat (the love of my life because I don't have a boyfriend hahaha) could wear clothes, we would probz match, too. ;)

    1. hahahaha this totally made me laugh!!! If I didn't have a bf I'd be with my dog so it's fine...haha :)

  4. Hooray for matching outfits! I love your cameo jacket :) I tried one on at Zara the other day but it looked SO bad on me, haha. You style it 10x better! x

  5. You are looking beautiful in this outfit, the demand for camo jackets is surely rising day by day, i get to see so many people on the streets wearing such kind of clothing.