Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Outfit Post: Bohemian Beach Babe

Hi guys! I couldn't wait to show you guys this amazing dress so I just had to post on my vacation. We are having so much! Yesterday we went to the beach, and Stephanie {Jeff's sister} had a beach alert on her phone saying that it was bad surf and the waves were 4-7ft tall. So what do we do? Boogie board of course. It was seriously crazy. I have never had such a hard time just getting out into the water. We were constantly getting pushed back onto shore, and the under-toe was horrible!

But I have a super funny story. Jeff's brother and I caught a wave and {mind you, I had my eyes closed because the waves were so crazy I thought I might go under} when all of a sudden I open my eyes and a huge man was standing in the water ankle deep directly in front of me and I literally plowed into him. He completely fell to the ground. It might have been the funniest thing of all times and I am still hysterically laughing about it now as I type this. He was completely fine but the fact that I knocked down probably a 300+ pound man is just so funny. I felt so bad, but everyone was laughing so I felt better.

Anyways, after that incident we decided to hit up the pool. Last night we drove to Seal Beach to a little taco shop for dinner. It was on such a little quaint street. After leaving I realized that we were driving on Ocean Ave...{that song by Yellowcard may or may not have been on total repeat my whole 7th grade year}.

dress Street Chic, necklace Paint The Town Me, booties Forever 21, bag KiVARi, sunnies Urban Outfitters, bracelets vintage + Holly Lauren

Can I just tell you guys how obsessed I am with this dress. I mean, the colors, the pattern, the sleeves...I could go on. Snag yourself one from Street Chic. I promise you won't be disappointed. Also I have been trying to wear my St. Germain MAC lipstick more. I always think it is too "Barbie" for what ever I have on, but today I found a cool trick to making it look a little more muted. I put the first two lip sticks from {this} post on then I swipe on some of the St. Germain on top. I love it! 



  1. I love this dress and boots combination! The color looks great on you!

  2. It sounds like you guys are having an awesome time!! And this dress may be one of my favorites on you! Also, loving that pink lipstick on you! ;)