Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outfit Post: Simply Summer

Ever since I started writing my blog, I have come to realize just how style {more specifically your own personal style} can effect your attitude, self esteem and over all outlook on your day. Sometimes I wake up wanting to throw on a girly maxi dress, curl my hair and call it a day. Other-times all I want are some cut-offs and a band tee. Well today was one of those days where I didn't really know what I wanted...all I knew, was I wanted to wear my new DIY boyfriend shorts. How could something so simple be so hard to pair with a top. After running errands {in what I thought was a cute tee} I just didn't feel like myself. When I got home I immediately threw on this adorable black tunic from Street Chic, my favorite necklace from Freedom Love Beauty and Agate Mermaid's amazing tote bag. Boom! I was back to my normal boho chic/feminine/grungy self. What I hope you guys take from this little fashion insight is to stick with how you feel when picking out your outfit and you will look {and feel} like a million bucks. 

DIY boyfriend shorts, tunic Street Chic, bag Agate Mermaid, assorted bracelets: Holly Lauren, MintGem, vintage, Mesa Blue, necklace Freedom Love Beauty, sunnies Urban Outfitters, sandals K-Mart

As I told you guys a couple days ago, Jeff and I are leaving for a couple days with him family tomorrow to Huntington Beach! I am going to try and do some outfits but like always, if I don't get the time you guys can always keep up with me on Instagram: alyssamayedwards



  1. OMG Alyssa, I totally have those moments as well. You are so right, stick with your personal style and you'll feel fabulous.
    Hope you have an awesome trip!

  2. your legs are so cute. the calves.