Thursday, August 11, 2016

DIY// Decorative Trays for under $5

I have seen similar DIYs like this floating around Pinterest/YouTube and wanted to give it a try. One of my favorite things to decorate with are trays. The only problem, is they can be expensive and it is sometimes hard trying to find the perfect size for the space you are decorating.

Here is how I made all of these! Enjoy!

What you will need:

  • Frames - I purchased mine from the dollar store. All 4 for $4
  • Decorative paper - I used some scrapbook paper I already had at home that I had purchased from Michaels. 
  • Scissors

1. Take the back off of the frame

2. Use the inner paper as a template for cutting out your scrapbook paper to ensure it is the right size.

3. Place scrapbook paper patterned side down and put the backing on.

4. Enjoy your finished product. ***This part is optional but if your frame is big enough, adding decorative handles on the side is also a cute touch.

Here are some examples of where I put mine:

*PS this spike necklace I featured on my Instagram @alyssamaywilson {photo below} yesterday - It is from Dear Heart Designs I am obsessed with it! I literally never take it off. Definitely check them out if you are wanting to wear something meaningful + unique.


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