Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Hacks to Stay Sane During The Holidays//

As I sat down to write this, I laughed to myself because my husband may or may not disagree with me saying that I am "sane" during this time of year. Whether or not that is are 5 of my top hacks to feel a little more organized and less like a crazy person during the busiest time of year.

1. Get a planner + notebook
Okay you know I am a firm believer in planners but ever since I got my new Erin Condren Life Planner and notebook this season has been so organized compared to last year. I like having the planner/notebook combo because I can make detailed lists in my notebook and not worry about taking up too much space in my planner. Of course sticky notes + notepads are always awesome too. Shop all my favorites + see my Erin Condren Unboxing {here}

2. Free Night
Having one night a week that you devote to dinner at home and relaxing on the couch is a must. I know that sounds easy, but during this time of year I am always running around after work and don't end up home until late. Make time to be with your hubby, boyfriend, roommate or by yourself and don't plan anything!

3. Light Candles
There is something about having candles lit in your home that makes it feel so cozy. I love either holiday scents or manly scents. I also love wax warmers. They are perfect for when you want that amazing scent in your home but don't want to risk leaving an open flame. 

4. Take a Bath
Okay I may be an exception to this because I take baths every night - lol but I love dropping a few drops of lavender oil or a bath bomb in every now and then. Who says you can't bring the spa home?!

5. Listen to a Podcast
Traffic can be a nightmare this time of year. Take a deep breath and start an interesting podcast. I love mystery podcasts like Sword and Scale or Criminal. I promise you won't even mind the traffic after listening :) 

wearing a scrunchy by scunci - obsessed with wearing them to hold my hair back because they don't leave a dent :) #lifehack


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