Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gift's From Grandma

A couple weeks ago my Grandma sent my mom and I two beautiful scarfs she made. I was so excited when I got the package because I wasn't expecting anything in the mail. My mom wore the blue/green one yesterday and I wore the nude one today. I love them so much thank you grandma!!:)

leggings Nike, shirt Forever 21, jacket H&M, boots Wet Seal, Nixon watch, Juicy Couture bracelet, handmade scarf

I don't know if you guys noticed above...but yes, I am wearing Nike leggings. Not going to lie, they are my all time favorite and I don't care that I work out in them too. They are thick, high-waisted and perfect for a comfy day as well. And hey, If I didn't tell you they were Nike, nobody would have been able to tell:) I hope you guys had a great Thursday!



  1. never would have known those were nike, way to go girl! im loving the rustic/ruffled femininity of your gifted scarf, how sweet to have something handmade from family! love the leather too xo

  2. How fun! My grandma made me one like this too last year. I love grandma gifts!
    xx. McKenna Lou

  3. Aww, so sweet! Can't tell that the leggings are Nike =)