Thursday, February 7, 2013

Healthy Banana Bites & Giveaway Winner Announced

Hey guys the healthy banana bites recipe is finally here! I found it on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and wanted to try it. Here is my take of it. {Winner for Lemons & Lace headband below}

 {What you need: 3 bananas, greek yogurt, peanut butter, cookie sheet, bowl & spoon}
{I just winged this part- 2/3 tbsp of greek yogurt, 1/2-1 tbsp of peanut butter}
{mix it up}
{slice bananas and spread the mixture on- I used 3 bananas but you can adjust the recipe}
{lay them out on the cookie sheet}
{place tray in freezer, and enjoy}

These little guys are so delish! I even tried one before I froze them and they are tasty like that as well:) According to Pinterest you can have 7 of these bites for around 160 calories. Perfect for dessert! Enjoy! Also the winner for the Lemons and Lace headband giveaway is Lexi Jade! 
Congrats Lexi!!! You are going to love whatever headband you choose {adult or child}. Email me at and I'll hook you up!:) If I don't hear from you before 2/14 I will pick a different winner. Thank you to everyone who entered, it was so much fun:)



  1. Mmmm!! These look delicious. And I just went to the store and bought some bananas yesterday. It is like it was meant to be. Happy weekend! xx. McKenna Lou