Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guest Blogger: True Blue Abbi

Hi guys:) Today Abbi from True Blue Abbi and I decided to swap posts {you can read mine here}! She is so sweet and can't wait for you all to meet her...take it away Abbi!

Hello all you lovely Sincerely, Truly Scrumptious readers!
I'm Abbigayle Rashae from True Blue Abbi, my lifestyle blog I've had a for a few years now. 
Alyssa and I swapped buttons a little while ago, and decided to guest post for each other as well. She's over at my blog today if you'd like to see! Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?! (:

Okay, so, I guess I should probably introduce myself a little first.

So, you guys already know that my name's Abbigayle Rashae. I'm fifteen, turning sixteen on July 31st! I'm living in the heart of Iowa, and I've been homeschooled since the middle of sixth grade. I'm going to be a Junior this fall. Pretty darn exciting stuff there, aha. I've been blogging since June 25th, 2010. I've definitely learned some things throughout the year! My blog has evolved as well. I love blogging, reading, writing, photography, fashion, learning, travel (not that I travel), and a few weird things as well. 

Maybe a few random facts? Think think guest posts totally call for that. Let's be honest here guys.

-I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Right now it's Mr. Tiger; my friend and I won him from one of those claw machines...seriously, who wins those?! (:

-I'm addicted to horror. But, I have nightmares SO easily. I've actually had to sleep in my parents room at night because of it. I'll wake one of them up, telling them I had a nightmare, and they'll let me sleep on their couch.

-I love eating tomatoes. Like, fresh from the garden. They're the best thing ever!

Alright, that's as good as it's gonna get you guys. I'm awful at thinking of things when it comes to sharing with others. I'm not a very good talker...

So, onto something fashion related. 
I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the favorite things in my closet, and where I like to shop.
For starters, you should know that when it comes to my style, I'm about 85% Minimalist, and 15% Maverik. But, I'm learning to branch out a bit more. My blog has really helped with that!

-Skinny Jeans (They work great for me; meaning they show my hips..which proves I have a shape! Yay!)
*For anyone wondering, I'm 5ft 8in, approx. 110lbs, and wear a size 4 with most things*

-Oversized Sweaters (Thrift stores are great if you're looking for these.)

-I'm really into layers, so my Down East Basics tee shirts are PERFECTION. (Check out DEB!)

-Hair Accessories (I actually only truly got into these around the start of the school year last fall. So glad I did though! My mom has an Etsy Store, the Treena Bean Boutique, and she makes me things nearly whenever I'd like! Thank you mom!) 

-Vans/Converse (These are seriously the best shoes ever. EVER.)

I do over half of my shopping at Thrift Shops/Garage Sales. If you know how to look for things, you can really score big time! My mom has taught me a few things, and so I thought I'd share a couple thrifting tips with you guys.

-You have to dig! Seriously guys, if you want to find the best things, it'll take a little time.

-Set a budget. You can even overspend with thrifting! (Totally guilty, not gonna lie.)

-Look for rips, stains, etc. If you don't think you can fit a rip, don't get it.

-Make sure you really love the item! (If you're buying it 'cause it's a mediocre piece of clothing for a couple bucks, I promise you're never going to wear that sucker.)

Spring/Summer is a great time for thrifting, 'cause people are getting rid of their old things, buying for Summer Vacation, and there's always a Garage Sale going on! It's a perfect Girl's Day, heading around town to the different Garage Sales, and getting smoothies, or ice cream after. 

Alright, I guess I'll be done with my turn on this lovely little blog! 
For those of you who made it through this whole post..thank you. I love you! Seriously, you guys are awesome!

Please stop by True Blue Abbi and say hi! I promise I don't bite.

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