Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outfit Post: Whirl Wind

You know those days where everything seems to go wrong? Well today started out great, then ended up being one of those days. My day started at the gym when I was ordering a smoothie and a random lady comes up to me and says "Well that doesn't look low calorie" thanks for making me feel fat...{ps it was low calorie and very YUMMY} then my car AC broke, my make-up just wasn't working out {so I ended up taking it off and my make-up wipes were burning my eyes, my camera battery was dying so I knew I had to take quick pictures, the settings in my camera were all off making the lighting look funky, my printer broke so I couldn't print out my assignment so I had to email it to my instructor and after all the wonderfulness I was running late to school...I have to admit I did have a pity party but how could you not after a day like that?! With school coming to an end my life seems to be so hectic! Oh well take a deep breath and push through it! I'm sure I am not the only one that has a cray cray life sometimes right? Well here is what I am wearing today, which I LOVE!

skirt Shelley Bee Originals, shirt Junky Trunk, converse, bag Target, hat Q, necklace Cathryn Ann Designs, Michael Kors watch, Native Heart bracelet, ILY Couture c/o, vintage ring, Charming Charlie bracelet, sunnies Forever 21

I picked up this shirt at Junky Trunk over the weekend and it's officially become my new favorite t-shirt. The lace detail with the acid wash is on point. Seriously, what's not to love? Anyways I hope everyone's day is amazing and hey if it was something like mine just think...tomorrow is a new day!:)



  1. omg i love that shirt so much. i want one ASAP!! the wash, cut, and detail are amazing! very cute on you :)


  2. We all have those days sometimes! Hope tomorrow is better. :) and cute 'fit!


  3. Ugh hate those looks super cute in your pics!

  4. Super happy I stumbled across your blog. Love it. That was rude what that lady said to you at the gym. Mind you're own business, hagg! Is what I would've wanted to say...but probably wouldn't have the guts, ha. I love your outfit. Thanks for sharing. Happy to be your newest follower :)

    The Nautical Owl

    1. Awww yay! I will check yours out right now!:) Thank you so much:)