Monday, March 24, 2014

The Face Series// Skin Routine

I am so excited to bring you guys a new series on the blog entitled The Face Series. You guessed it. This series is going to be all about the face. Whether it is make-up or blemish tips I will cover it :) The kick off of this series is probably the most important one of all... my skin routine.

I have been using Enza Essentials for over a month now and I'm in love. I had been searching for a good skin routine to target all the areas my skin needed when Enza approached me. Not only is everyone extremely nice and helpful at Enza, their products are amazing. I really wanted something that would thoroughly clean my skin, keep it bright and help out on my occasional breakouts during "the time of the month". My fair, freckled face has never been more smooth, clean and bright! Here is what I use.

 Every skin care regimen is customized to your unique skin. I love how organized my folder was! I easily saw the products I needed to use and when I needed to use them. So easy!

My day time products make my skin feel refreshed and ready for the day. They also brighten my skin and help me look more awake {who doesn't need that right?!}. Also for reference I only use the SPF on days when I don't put my make-up on right away. My BB Cream has SPF in it and I don't want to make my skin too oily. 

My two favorite night time products are the sustaining glow cream and the fine facial polish. I love the texture of the sustaining glow cream. It is thick but not too oily. Perfect for my skin. Also the fine facial polish is a life saver during my "time of the month". It kicks all my blemishes booty's. My FAV!

For more information about Enza Essentials check out their website {here}. Also follow them on Instagram @EnzaPRGirl It's never too early or too late to start caring for your skin. :) I hope you guys enjoyed the first post in my Face Series. Look out for my Make-Up Routine next Monday :)


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