Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1 Year Wedding Anniversary//

It feels like just yesterday I was planning the wedding and then saying "I do". I seriously cannot believe that it has been one whole year {on Saturday} that we have been married.

Jeff is honestly the sweetest, most romantic guy. He woke me up with roses {they were also from Stogie, he wanted to make sure I knew that} then we went and got breakfast before I went to work. We went to this bagel shop around the corner from our house that I actually went to on the day of our wedding last year. I remember waking up and literally being so nervous {not to marry Jeff, just knowing that everything we had worked so hard to plan was about to happen}. My dad and brother took me to get breakfast the morning of the wedding and Jeff ended up driving up to drop off an iced coffee a love note and pick up my ring to get cleaned. {Of course my brother went out to get everything, we didn't see each other until the first look! He thought of everything!} So that little bagel shop is super special and tasty!

After work we exchanged gifts and headed to dinner at the Capital Grille. It was DELISH! At the end of the night we had thawed out the top layer of our wedding cake to eat, which by the way tasted just like it did on the day of our wedding. So many people say that theirs was so gross but our cake lady must of known what she was doing when she wrapped ours. The technique worked!

Then {the sweetest part of the day, in my opinion} we read our vows to each other for the first time. When we were preparing our ceremony with our pastor we decided to do the traditional vows aloud and write our personal vows down and put them in a wine box. The wine box sat on the alter with a bottle of wine during the ceremony and was to be opened on our one year anniversary. To be completely honest I wasn't sure Jeff's vows were going to say but they surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. They were literally the sweetest words I have ever heard and made me feel even more blessed to have him as a husband. If any of you are getting married soon, I highly recommend this tradition. It was so special.

Well that is all I have for this sappy post. I hope you all enjoyed hearing a little about it. Cheers to one year!


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