Thursday, October 22, 2015

Outfit Post: Bad Luck Babe

I wasn't really sure what to title this post because it's not so much of an outfit post but rather a super comfy lets wear a beanie and lipstick kinda post :) Who doesn't love that?! Oh an Stogs made an appearance too :)

First off I got so many compliments on my lipstick from my post on IG the other day and it is a custom color lipstick {lippie} from Makeup Meltdown. Guys this color is amazing! When you pick your custom color from Makeup Meltdown you get sent three mini samples. You choose your favorite shade and custom container and they ship it to you! It is freaking awesome. To check out their website click {here} and their Etsy shop is {here}. I am hosting a giveaway on IG so make sure you are following me: alyssamaywilson

You guys know my love for Divine Doe Goods...well they are at it again with these adorable beanies! How AMAZE are these?! :) Make sure to follow them on IG @divinedoegoods and purchase some goods!

beanie Divine Doe Goods, tank t.madison, flannel {old} leggings lululemon


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