Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bye Bye Weekend, Hello Birthday Week♥

This weekend was so much fun! Saturday me and my mom had ballet and then went to Joan's Fabric Store and bought some new yarn for our knitting projects. Okay so some people may think knitting is for old grannys, definitely not! There are so many fun things you can make through knitting. I am currently starting a scarf with alpaca yarn (if you new me you would know I love alpacas). The yarn is so pretty and soft. I chose seafoam green as the color of that yarn. At Joan's we bought the breast cancer awareness yarn in a vibrant fuzzy hot pink and a multi colored yarn in turquoise, tan, chocolate, and cream. So cute! Oh and we happened to get Millie a new raccoon toy:) Then after the fabric store Kylie, Jake, Jeff, and I went and brought lunch back to Jeff's and went swimming! (We had to soak up the last, hopefully, couple weekends left of the pool. Then hot tub season!) Then we went to church and headed out to the desert. We ended up following a group of people that we all knew down there which made it even more fun! Here are some pictures:)

Now, hello birthday week! T-minus 6 days! I hope everyone has an amazing week♥


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